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Find order in complexity, transform ideas into plans, and plans into reality, every day, everywhere in Europe, always on time.

We are an international company that specializes in the construction and maintenance of commercial spaces, residential building and public utilities. We cater to multinational retailers and industrial and commercial enterprises in need of comprehensive support in Europe, consistently and simultaneously offering turnkey construction services and a variety of maintenance modules designed ad hoc and optimized according to the client’s specific requests.

Our eight operating units located in major European cities and our international, multilingual staff are the true beating heart of the company. They are supported by a network of operators and installers and headed by a corporate management team that always put the client's satisfaction first.


We act locally and think globally to build and shape company identity.

Quality, Safety, Ecosustainability


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The Maker’s Manual

[NEW YORK, 20 Oct. 2015/]

PSFK’s Future Of Retail report
looks at trends in real-world experience because we want to show
retailers and the brands behind the products sold in stores that there
is a way to create valuable shopper interactivity that will not only
drive sales but will keep them coming back for more.

Swatch announces a series of smartwatch.

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 18, 2015]

The Swiss Swatch Group intends to launch several models of
smartwatch. This was announced by CEO Nick Hayek pointed out that
Swatch will not point as Apple on a smartwatch only with more features.
The product will be called One Touch Zero.

Franciacorta lounch a new project “bubbles and beauty”

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 12, 2015]

Franciacorta starts a scientific research project that starts from the wine to get to cosmetics. objective: to enhance the products of viticulture research purposes beauty.

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