The Maker’s Manual

[NEW YORK, 20 Oct. 2015/]

PSFK’s Future Of Retail report
looks at trends in real-world experience because we want to show
retailers and the brands behind the products sold in stores that there
is a way to create valuable shopper interactivity that will not only
drive sales but will keep them coming back for more.

Swatch announces a series of smartwatch.

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 18, 2015]

The Swiss Swatch Group intends to launch several models of
smartwatch. This was announced by CEO Nick Hayek pointed out that
Swatch will not point as Apple on a smartwatch only with more features.
The product will be called One Touch Zero.

Franciacorta lounch a new project “bubbles and beauty”

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 12, 2015]

Franciacorta starts a scientific research project that starts from the wine to get to cosmetics. objective: to enhance the products of viticulture research purposes beauty.

The Retail Space of the future

[LONDON 12 Oct. 2015/]

“Designing the new shopper experience” is a new launching October 2015. Retail landscape

is undergoing a massive transformation as well as the way people shop in-store are

evolving and we don’t always feel that it’s been a positive evolution. Much of

the change we see is driven by technology, which has been integrated into the

footprint of stores in the name of creating ‘a better shopping experience’. The

shopping experience today can be one of self-checkouts and interactions where

we rarely encounter a member of staff.

#Global Retail Sporting Goods Industry 2015-2020 | Trend Profit and Forecast Analysis

[NEW YORK, June 23, 2015 /]

The retail sporting goods industry is expected to grow
with a CAGR of 3.4% over 2015-2020. The major drivers of the retail
sporting goods industry are growth in disposable income, governments
promoting sports activities and encouraging sports participation, rising
number of health-conscious people. Growth in
the global sports market and rising number of sporting events is
projected to encourage more and more people to participate in various
sports. Asia Pacific and Rest of the World are expected to
be the leading region because of the growth in disposable income and
improving standard of living in emerging markets, such as India and China.

SaldiPrivati makes shopping

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 8, 2015]

SaldiPrivati expands through the acquisition of a business unit of Buyonz Group, the Italian group specializing in e-commerce was founded in 2011. The group company Banzai, bought the two sites and Mybrandz Mykidz.

To Italia Independent the eyewear of Originals

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 10, 2015]

The collaboration between Adidas and Italia Independent becomes increasingly close. After the launch of the collection eyewear inspired the sneaker Superstar, the two companies signed an international agreement of four years for products Adidas Originals eyewear.

McArthurGlen, 115 mln in Serravalle.

[Panbianco Magazine Oct. 6, 2015]

A makeover worth 115 million euro. In so much is the amount invested by McArthurGlen, now a joint venture between Kaempfer Partners Co. and Simon Property Group, to expand its largest town of Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria) and earmarking so almost half of the investment budget 2013-2017.

What Is The Future Of The Store?

[LONDON 12 Oct. 2015/]

“it is ironic that technology, in its most recent
social, and connected form, should prove to be the savior of the
personalized shopping experience”. The use of technology has turned the
corner. Forward-thinking retailers and brands are using it toput a human
face back onto the shopping experience. Retail makers are also looking
at the holistic shopping experience and how technology can introduce a
social and vibrant market atmosphere to every retail occasion throughout
the purchase path from browsing to buying.


On the 29th of june the Worldwide Commercial Director of Pizza Hut and his team celebrated the pre-opening store in Frankfurt, Germany.

Opening is scheduled the 04th July 2015.


Recordered four new opening stores in June 2015,

Fripiers-Bruxelles, Belgium

Central Station-Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

Imola, Italy.


Facilities supply and equipement installations completed with satisfaction in May 2015, Festival Park Outlet-Mallorca, Spain.