Facility Management

EASILITY 24|7 is an opportunity for clients to simplify maintenance management and minimize the risk of unexpected issues arising. Our mix of services guarantees international availability 365 days a year, the integrated management of logistics with the procurement of components and spare parts, and the coordination of facility management activities in Europe.

Network & Services



A preventive maintenance plan consists of a list of scheduled visits, including the release of permits and certifications.

On Demand

A corrective maintenance plan is available by request, with response times and costs agreed upon in advance. Should an unexpected problem occur, we intervene, remotely or on site, until the issue is completely resolved.


Our free call centre for Europe assists customers in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


E-team | E-support

EASILITY 24|7 staff and software are the resources and assets that are fully dedicated to clients to reduce the risk of unexpected events, monitor costs, prepare budgets, reports and forecasts, and analyse trends. Proper planning reduces the probability of failure and inefficiency from malfunctions, sometimes in just one click.