General Contractor

With more than twenty years of experience working in retail, construction and plant engineering, we have gained the skills necessary to build, prepare and furnish spaces, installing equipment for international retailers and luxury brands. We are fast and reliable in handling bids and experienced in simultaneously managing various sites, spread all over Europe. Thanks to our ground-breaking approach, commercial companies of all sizes, no matter how large or small, appreciate our turnkey services in the construction field.

Made Properly

A pragmatic approach and a range of turnkey construction services.

Network & Services

Engineering, construction, logistics and benchmarks: we also manage the shipping and installation of materials and equipment. Our staff coordinates craftsmen dedicated to the installation of floors, ceilings (including false ceilings), plaster and plasterboard. They also supervise the installation of electrical, security, alarm and fire sprinkler systems; air conditioning and heating, hydraulic works; the decontamination of brownfield sites; professional cleaning and other activities from pre-opening up to launch.

The Process

Aesthetic taste and practical sense should be well balanced during construction. Precision, sensitivity and attention to detail are essential elements to be taken into account both in the furnishing prototype phase and when implementing custom-made constructive solutions for exclusive interiors.

Dedicated staff

A site foreman and a key account manager are the joint point of contact for the customer, ensuring efficiency and control during the entire construction process. They handle the legal paperwork, authorizations and the release of local permits.